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August 13, 2012 No comments exist

Mike is back this week for episode 72 of SSWL and not only does he have some sexy news right at the top of the show, but he also has a stunning revelation of who he really is. After that? A little more Brodie/Quint style shenanigans and then we actually get down to brass tax (What the fuck does that even mean?). Here is what we covered on this week’s show:

News – Joss Whedon coming back to write and direct Avengers 2
Trailer – Zero Dark Thirty
Trailer – Trouble With The Curve
Trailer – Liberal Arts
Trailer – This is 40

Bryce – Heartbreakers
Mike – Family Guy

Review – Slices for Twitter

News – Metal Gear Solid HD Collection goes downloadable piece by piece at the end of August
News – A little talk about Netflix for kids
News – Impossible Games rises from the ashes of 38 Studios closure
News – Jet Set Radio comes back in September for 10 bucks
News – If you missed Double Fine Adventure on Kickstarter, you can still pre-order it  and get some of the perks
Trailer – GRID 2 (official announcement)

August 7, 2012 No comments exist

In this week’s episode of SSWL, Mike leaves us to join a Divinyls cover band. Meanwhile, back at SSWL HQ Bryce and Rick are trying to solve the mystery of Clue…who did it and with what weapon? But after hours of drinks and hassling the sketch artist to make a caricature of us on dune buggies, we decided to record an episode. Here is what we covered:

News – Jimmy Fallon might host Oscars?!
Trailer – The Day
Trailer – Paranormal Activity 4

Review – Apple new OS X Mountain Lion

Bryce – Chasing Amy
Rick – 30 for 30: Four Days in October

News – WWE 13 not coming to handhelds or PC
News – Payday: The Heist DLC hitting next week
News – Grand Theft Auto 5 viral marketing kicks off
Trailer – Race Driver/Grid franchises coming back. . .together (mike is very excite)
Trailer – Need For Speed: Most Wanted


August 1, 2012 No comments exist

Here it is, a groove slightly transformed…well, not really. But it is another week and that means a new rant filled ramble-fest of a show that we like to call Some Shit We Like. Here is what we covered in episode 70:

Trailer – Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
Short Film – Dirty Laundry
News – A new Friday is in development and everyone is coming back…AND YOU KNOW THIS, MAN

Bryce – Born To Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story
Rick – Captain America: The First Avenger
Mike – The Karate Kid and The Bad News Bears (Original now on Netflix)

News – Grand Theft Auto III out on the PSN as a PS2 classic this week for $10
News – Sleeping Dogs developer walkthrough and dig deeper with Giantbomb.com’s quick look
News – Hideo Kojima to showcase Fox Engine on Aug. 30th.
News – Gaming documentary Critical Path looks very interesting and here’s the trailer


July 24, 2012 No comments exist

This week on SSWL we are once again joined by Ryan O’Leary to review The Dark Knight Rises and while that happens Mike and Bryce tag out so as not to have it spoiled for them. Aside from that, we have our usual chatter about the things that caught our interest this week. Here is what went down on episode 69 of Some Shit We Like:

Trailer – The Man of Steel
Review – The Dark Knight Rises

Bryce – Breaking Bad
Rick – The Faculty
Mike – Scary Movie

News – Rock Band Blitz release date, price tag, and track list
News – Nintendo offering extra coins for digital purchase of New Super Mario Bros. 2
News – Need for Speed: Most Wanted limited edition and pre-order bonuses detailed
News – Silent Hill getting haunted maze treatment at Universal Studios this year
Demo Talk – Quantum Conundrum
Early Impressions – Resistance: Burning Skies

June 25, 2012 No comments exist

This week Rick and Mike hold down the fort for the absent Bryce (this will go down on his permanent record) with a fully packed show. So sit back and let us please you aurally with all the things that mattered to us this week. Here is what we covered:

News – Thunder Road Pictures and Casey Affleck team up for picture about Josh Hamilton
News – Batman pushes Bourne. . .Bourne sits in the corner an extra week
News – Supreme court throws out fines for cursing and nudity on TV
Trailer – Taken 2 

Mike – Married With Children
Rick – Dawson’s Creek 

News – Quantum Conundrum release date nailed down
News – Curt Schilling financial tapped out after 38 Studios closure
News – Xbox Live Summer of Arcade dates, games, and prices confirmed
News – Nintendo news round up
News – Saints Row: The Third standalone expansion canceled, resources going toward sequel