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February 13, 2018 No comments exist

This week, Bryce and Rick are your hosts while Mike is out on assignment. We review The Cloverfield Paradox and talk about the unique way it was released. We also watch/react to a few trailers which include Solo: A Star Wars Story as well as Deadpool 2. As always, we go off the rails and get into some other random conversations, so give this show a listen to find out more. 

Thanks for the support and don’t forget to check us out on YouTube throughout the week!

January 15, 2018 No comments exist

This week, we managed to cram 10 pounds of SSWL into a 5 pound show. We have movie trailers, video game rumors, and news from both mediums. Lastly, but not leastly (probably not an actual word but I like it so I’m leaving it in), we hit you with some stuff from 2017 that we were really into that may not have gotten much attention on the show.

So, sit back and enjoy episode 257 of SSWL, whether it’s in audio form or on YouTube…in fact, while you’re at it hop over there and give us a sub, thanksssssss. 

November 15, 2017 No comments exist

This week, Bryce is back, but Mike was sadly unavailable, which seems to be the unintentional pattern as of late. Nevertheless, the podcast carried on and we talked about a variety of things such as the new Star Wars trilogy, Google Pixel 2 XL, Mario Odyssey, and more. We also watched a couple of trailers (Game Night, The Post) and talked other random stuff as we usually do. 

As always, thanks for watching, listening, and any support you may provide.  

October 17, 2017 No comments exist

Welcome to SSWL 247, where Bryce and Rick talk about absolutely nothing! Well, that isn’t entirely true otherwise you wouldn’t be here and reading this. The truth is we started recording this episode with merely two things on the docket: Review American Made  and watch/react to the trailer for Keanu Reeves’ Replicas. Beyond that, we had a whole lot of nothing. But as we usually do, we naturally began talking about other things and were able to deliver on our weekly podcast promise.

With that said, promises are made to be broken and there will not be a show next week. Unfortunately, our schedules will not allow us the time to record a show, but we will of course be back! Until then, enjoy this week’s episode! 

October 10, 2017 No comments exist

Join Bryce and Rick (with Mike in chat) as they watch a metric shit ton of trailers, including Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Future Man and Marvel’s Runaways. Bryce also saw Blade Runner 2049 and has a full review of it as well as the iPic theater. Aside from that, they give their take on the Netflix price hike – whether it is justified or not.

That’s absolutely not all we covered this week, but who am I to spoil the whole show for you here? The point is to entice you to want more and get you to listen to the full thing at your leisure. So please enjoy and let us know what you think, positive or negative. Thanks for listening and supporting the show!