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January 29, 2014 No comments exist

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We are joined this week by Dan Herman to help us make sense of everything that’s going on in professional wrestling today. Whether it’s CM Punk possibly on his way out, discussion of the Royal Rumble, or what to make of how it was all followed up on RAW the next night. We’ve got it covered, including a little bit of TNA for those out there who still care.

November 12, 2013 No comments exist



This week’s SSWL was loaded with content and by the end of the show we were loaded too…with beer. We were all together in studio b and had a live studio audience (two whole people) that ends up participating a little here and there. Aside from the usual discussion of movies, video games and TV, we managed to go completely off the rails early and stayed there for the duration of the show. So, click that listen or download button and enjoy.