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February 26, 2013 No comments exist

It was a good day to die hard when we recorded #91 and to celebrate that fact, Rick gave us his thoughts on the newest entry into the Die Hard franchise which coincidentally enough is appropriately titled, A Good Day to Die Hard. That would do it for the movie portion of the show this week and while unfortunate that we did not have a food segment as we did on #90, we made up for it by talking about what a boring, dull, and uneventful week it was in the world of video games… AND the Playstation 4, which apparently is a new console from Sony Computer Entertainment. I suppose new console announcements are kind of a big deal, though I defy you to find one that takes place in a room filled with rich mahogany and contains many leather bound books. You will not succeed, so instead we are left with a conference full of demo videos and spec sheets like the ones we covered below in this week’s episode of SSWL.

PS4 Madness:

PS4 Controller Glamour Shots
– Official Sony Press Release on PS4 Specs
Knack Debut Trailer
Killzone 4: Shadowfall Gameplay Demo/Trailer/Awesomeness
Drive Club Demo/Trailer…Breathe in the experience!
Deep Down Debut Trailer
Infamous: Second Son Debut Trailer
Watch Dogs NEW Gameplay


September 11, 2012 No comments exist

 Back at  full strength this week, the Trio of Terror took the the wheel and set a course for awesome. By awesome I mean a long ass show the likes of which have not been seen in a long, long time. . . and by that I mean like 6 weeks. So, here is a loaded episode of SSWL. This is what we covered:

Rick talks about his time on the set of Ryan O’Leary’s film The Backseat

News – Ryan Gosling to make his directorial debut
News – G4 getting overhaul, targeting a GQ demographic

News – Amazon announces a whole bunch of new Kindle devices
News – Apple iPhone 5 rumors and leaks

News – Resident Evil 6 in the wild already
News – Killzone Trilogy coming to PS3 with HD remake of the first game
News – Borderlands 2 skill tree calculator now online
News – Game Informer gives details on New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land
Video – Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Video – The Last of US

May 2, 2012 No comments exist


Back at full strength this week, the SSWL crew talked their asses off, so let’s cut right to the chase. Here is what we covered:


News – Josh Trank Developing Reboot for Fantastic Four
News – Jobs‘ the indie film finds its ‘Woz’
News – Forbes Fictional Riches Characters List
Review –  The Raid: Redemption (Rick)

Mike – Resident Evil: Degeneration
Bryce – The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
Rick – Antitrust

News – Skype hits the Vita
News – Bioshock for the Vita will be the focus after Infinite
News – Metal Gear Rising for the Vita spotted in developer presentation
News – Uncharted series turned into movies by a fan
News – Adam Sessler leaves X-Play and G4TV
Review – Cytus (iOS and Android)
Review – Trials: Evolution (XBOX Live Arcade)

March 6, 2012 No comments exist

This week on SSWL Rick is involved in a (echo effect on) “Great Moment In Podcasting” (echo effect off). Trust me, you’ll know it when it happens. Aside from that we have some news, notes, and reviews in the world of movies and video games. Here is what we covered:

News – Human Centipede 3 (Bryce is very excite)
News – Step Brothers 2 in development
News – Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho details
Review –  Act of Valor

Bryce – Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell: Vol. 1
Rick – Spider-Man (2003 MTV animated series)
Mike –  Darkness Falls

News – Stan Lee to be playable in The Amazing Spider-Man video game
News – PS3/PS Vita bundle of MLB 12: The Show to be $20 cheaper than separate purchases
News – Assassin’s Creed 3 leaks and confirmations
Demo Discussion –  MLB 2k12

***The second half of the show is a bit echo-y.  I did my best to fix it.  Sorry.***