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May 31, 2011 1 comment

Some S**t We Like 015


This week we hit you with a little hidden gem; a show from the vault if you will. You could call it our pilot episode. In it we talk about our initial impressions of the first X-Men: First Class trailer. We also take the train off the rails a bit with some loosely related topics. Feel free to give us some feedback below as well as on our twitter page.

Trailer – X-Men: First Class

May 17, 2011 No comments exist

Some S**t We Like 013

Break out your cliche handbook because here we are with episode lucky number 13. That’s thirteen straight weeks of Some S**t We Like and here is what we covered on the show:

News – Mudflap and Skids not in Transformers: Dark of the Moon
News – Mos Def and Collin Hanks join cast of Dexter
News – FOX upfront news: Locke and Key dropped Alcatraz Picked up
News – NBC dumps Wonder Woman
News – Megan Ellison buys rights to Terminator
Trailer – Final Destination 5
Trailer – Fright Night
Trailer – X-Men: First Class – “Magic Trick”
Review – Hannah (RICK)

BRYCE – The Golden Child and The Wizard
MIKE – Friday
RICK – Angus

News – PSN restoration begins with a video from Kazuo Hirai
News – Modern Warfare 3 leaks and teaser 1, teaser 2, teaser 3, teaser 4
News – Gamers help Capcom raise 500k for Japan relief
News – Warhawk sequel, Starhawk, announced
News – Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection announced
News – Nintendo 3DS eShop launches June 6

This week’s music break is by Cry Havoc. The song is called “January” and is off the album The Outcome of Misery. You may have a hard time tracking it down because the band is not around anymore, but I hope you enjoy the song anyway


April 26, 2011 1 comment

Hey everyone here we are for another week and another episode¬† of “Some Shit We Like”. Here’s what we covered in episode 010

Y the Last Man fan film review, which is based on the graphic novel
Mortal Kombat: Legacy: Ep. 2 talk
Chris Klein confirmed for American Reunion
Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role in Dark Knight Rises

Ad supported Kindle opinions (which can be purchased here)

Rick – Doctor Who
Bryce – Californication
Mike – Top Gear (U.K.)

Video  5 minutes of Rage impressions
Rick’s Portal 2 Review
Mike’s Prince of Persia Trilogy early thoughts
Discussion about Nintendo’s next console rumors

Thanks to @StevenJuliano lead singer of @Requiem4theDead for allowing us to use the song “Kill or be Killed” in our music break. Check out their facebook page for more info and to download the song


April 17, 2011 1 comment

What’s up everyone, episode 009 kicked off this week with a review of Scream 4 (I refuse to put the 4 in the word, so stupid). After that we covered a ton of movie news

American Idiot coming to the big screen
Alyson Hannigan joins American Reunion cast
Three Stooges
casting update
Remake of To Catch a Thief
Matt Reeves to write/direct They Live reboot
Watch the original They Live on google video

After that onslaught of some rad and some not so rad movie news we gave our “Netflix Pix” for this week
Bryce – Little Monsters
Rick – Before Sunrise
Mike – Little Shop Of Horrors

After the break we went into some video games. Mike gave his early thoughts on Shift 2 Unleashed as well as Call of Duty Black Ops, no you didn’t read that wrong Mike is just now playing through Black Ops. Mike also covered his experience with Back to the Future : the Game Episode 2. To end the show Rick and Mike gushed over the new web series Mortal Kombat Legacy as well as some other miscellaneous topics

Thanks to Dr. Frank of the Mr. T Experience for letting us use their song “I Don’t Need You Now” off of Revenge is Sweet, and So Are You

April 5, 2011 No comments exist

Some S**t We Like 007

This week we got right into it with our thoughts on the trailers for the Hangover 2 and Everything Must Go. Rick hit us with his review of Sucker Punch. In our new segment “Some S–t On Netflix” we all gave some recommendations on some instant streaming movies to check out.
Rick’s Pick(s) Game Box 1.0
Mike’s Pick(s) SLC Punk and WWE: the John Cena Experience
Bryce’s Pick(s) Chloe and WWE: the True Story of Wrestlemania
After the break Bryce gave a review of the brand spankin’ new Nintendo 3DS. Mike talked a little about Homefront. To end the video game segment Mike went over some new digital releases on the PSN.

The music break this week comes courtesy of our good friends Plastic Parachute, the song is called “Four Alarm Fire” and if off the album Elephants & Giraffes