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October 30, 2017 No comments exist

This week, it’s once again a two man show. However, this time it’s Mike and Rick. The boys went into this one with, you guessed it, not a lot to talk about, but boy they had a lot to say. They have some good conversation about music, a live unboxing, chatter about Amazon Key, and some discussion about video games.

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June 11, 2015 No comments exist


Hey guess what!? Another episode coming out you. Sad news is that we are Bryceless. He will be back in two weeks….we hope. Entourage, MadMax, and Video games.

Watch us here!!!  www.youtube.com/someshitwelike

Watch us live here!!!  www.twitch.tv/SSWLNetwork

Show Notes:

Coffee Talk Info

Crafted Trailer

The Martian Viral Teaser Trailer

Entourage Reivew

February 14, 2012 No comments exist

SPOILER NOTE: After our initial review, we get into some spoiler talk about Chronicle. Spoiler talk starts at 31:01 and ends at 37:12.

On this Valentine’s Day edition of SSWL we fill your holes (ear holes that is) with looooong… conversation about all the things that mattered to us this week. We didn’t talk about candies, hearts, or lame Hallmark cards, but we did get a little sexy and romantic. We hope you enjoy the show. Here is what we covered.

News – Naomi Watts to play Princess Diana in Caught in Flight
News – Jon Favreau to direct J.J. Abrams/Eric Kripke pilot
News – Lots of Kill Your Darlings casting news
Review – Chronicle (spoiler talk from 30:01 to 37:06)

Bryce – Shaolin Soccer
Mike – Knoclaround Guys
Rick – Hot Shots! Part Deux

News – Metallica – Orion: Music & More festival

News – PSP compatibility with the Vita
News – Double Fine takes to Kickstarter.com to fund new project
Other Discussion –  Starhawk Beta and Twisted Metal Demo

January 27, 2012 No comments exist

Hello gentle viewers!  I am back again with a top five random video list.  These are just songs that pop in my head from time to time that I feel like sharing with you guys.  Let me know what you think of my list by commenting below.  Be sure to subscribe to the SSWL podcast and TV’s Now On.  Just click on the link to the right.