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June 6, 2011 No comments exist

Some S**t We Like 016

We hope you enjoyed last week’s show from the vault. This week we bring somethin’ brand new fo’ that ass. Here’s what we covered in Ep. 016 of Some Shit We Like.

News – Uncharted without David O. Russel (WOOT!)
News – Hangover writers’ new project, 21 and Over
News – Kevin Smith to publish Hit Somebody script before fliming
News – Chris Nolan and Jon Faveau join the fight against premium VOD
Trailer – 50/50
Review – Attack the Block (BRYCE AND RICK)
Review – X-Men: First Class (ALL OF US)

MIKE – Ken Burns: Baseball
RICK – Skins (UK)
BRYCE – Ancient Aliens and The Hard Times of RJ Berger

News – MGS, Silent Hill, and Zone of Enders HD Collections announced
News – Michael J. Fox cameo in Back to the Future episode
News – PlayStation “Welcome Back” rewards now available
News – Insomniac Games announcing multi-platform game next week
News – NGP backwords compatible and will enhance PSP games
News – Wipeout 2048 to NGP

The music break this week is courtesy of @DavidMeShow. The song “Anything” can be purchased on iTunes. More importantly, go to his YouTube channel and check out the video. As we said on the show, we are all big fans of his work and especially his D.I.Y. style of bringing his art to life.

May 31, 2011 1 comment

Some S**t We Like 015


This week we hit you with a little hidden gem; a show from the vault if you will. You could call it our pilot episode. In it we talk about our initial impressions of the first X-Men: First Class trailer. We also take the train off the rails a bit with some loosely related topics. Feel free to give us some feedback below as well as on our twitter page.

Trailer – X-Men: First Class

May 2, 2011 No comments exist

Some S**t We Like 011

The time is now, episode 011, standing eye to eye with “Magic” Johnson on the entertainment ladder. Here is what we covered on this weeks show

News – First picture from the set of The Avengers
News – The Cabin in the Woods sees the light of day
News – American Reunion release date set
News – DirecTV offering $30 movie rentals ten weeks after theatrical release
Trailer – 30 Minutes or Less
Trailer – Brother’s Justice
Trailer – Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Trailer – Pom Wonderful presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Review – Fast Five (RICK and MIKE)
Review – The High Cost of Living (RICK)

MIKE – King of the Hill
BRYCE – The Human Centipede
RICK – Elizabethtown

Review – Prince of Persia Trilogy (PS3)
News – Dirt 3: Collectors Edition listed at $300 and here’s the car you get
News – Free Portal 2 DLC
News – PSN security breach press conference
News – Nintendo to show next console at E3 2011

This week’s music break is courtesy of @thenewlimb. The song is called  “I Know You Know” and off the album Sounds People Can Hear, which can be purchased on iTunes. Check them out on their Facebook page or on their official website