Rick Weasel:  CoHost – Producer – Movie Neeeews



Raised by wolves, Rick grew up to love the night. When he is not howling at the moon, you may find him enjoying movies and television shows, while also striving to discover how they are made.  Rick does all that he can to keep his finger on the pulse of the film industry, often attending Q&A screenings in the Los Angeles area in order to keep YOU as up-to-date as humanly possible.  Some of his favorite films include Good Will Hunting, The Dark Knight, and Chasing Amy.

Mike Masters:  CoHost – ShowNotes – VideoGames



No one knows video games like Mr. Masters. His first game console was a Sega Master System and ever since then it has been an orgy of more systems to follow; Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox. I could go on but I would run out of room.  You can find him hanging round game stops all over the Los Angels areas for midnight releases or just browsing, looking for a great cheap buy. He always after the greatest new game like a terminator hunting for John Connor.


Bryce: CoHost – Editor Extraordinaire – Video Juegos!




Movies, Video games, baseball.  Bryce is the Jack of all trades. He is a traveling man that roams the earth looking for the best of everything. One part Indiana Jones, two parts Pilgrim. He knows 8-bits to bacon strips. He can sing the Mega Man 2 song, rattle off quotes from any of your favorite movies, while eating his favorite Cornetto Ice-cream. Welcome to his whole f’n show!

 Michael PG:  Podcaster – Contributor – TV





TV is his addiction. Michael has been enjoying great television since as far as he can remember. From Basic TV to Premium television.  Some of his favorite shows include Burn Notice, Entourage and the classic TGIF line-up. When Michael is not podcasting he spends time semi-traveling the world. whether it’s flying to exotic location or just heading to your local hangouts like “The Max” he finds the fun in life.  Catching him on the podcast TV’s Now On here on the SSWL Network.


Shadow:  Executive Producer

This whole podcast is made possible by Shadow.