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August 23, 2011 No comments exist

It took 1.5 years in the making but Dan Trachtenberg of the Tottaly Rad Show released his Short of Portal: No Escape Based on the Video Game from Valve.  As you guys know (Especially from this weeks episode) I love the Portal Games.  That being said, this is a fantastic short that I hope someone in Hollywood sees and funds for a movie or even a webseries like they did with Mortal Kombat.  Check out the short below.

August 16, 2011 No comments exist

With Boaderlands 2 now official, here is the first teaser that is sure to get you pumped for the game. I know it got me excited with it’s duel wielding action and the different environments. Look for a lot more coverage of this game s it comes. This is definitely some shit we like.