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March 7, 2012 No comments exist

I’ve been going to the movies as far as I can remember and one of the best parts to me about going to the cinema when I was a kid was being able to soak up the ambiance and seeing the happiness of the people around you.  I believe the first movie I saw in theaters was either Dumbo or Pinocchio.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to go to the cinema as much as I could, but that was before I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in LA.  That was the worst experience I have ever had in a movie theater!  It was really loud with people talking, kids throwing popcorn, and I swear I remember hearing someone playing a radio in the back. After that experience I remember every time my father said, “We’re going to the movies today,”  I always responded back with, “The good one right?”  Of course I was referring to either an AMC or United Artist theater, but when he would say no, I would just suggest we rent a movie instead.

Ever since then, I was always on the hunt for the best cinema experience I could find.  So far, the best to me (and many others) would be the Arclight Cinema hands down and two weeks ago I would have agreed.  But now, it’s the Island Cinema.  I heard about the newly updated cinema from my co-host, Bryce Pilgrim and when he told me about it, I knew I had to go see what Island Cinema had to offer.  With that said, here is my review:


February 28, 2012 No comments exist

white collar

Tonight is the season 3 finale of white collar. It has been a good ride. In tonight’s we’ll find out, if Neal will win his freedom from the FBI?  If he does, will he go back to his old life or start a new one with the FBI? I can’t wait to find out tonight.

February 10, 2012 No comments exist


This week I came across an interview with Andrew Garfield about the new Amazing Spider-Man movie.  He talks about what playing Spider-man means to him as an actor and as a fan.  He claims he is lucky and unlucky about playing spider-man because he calls himself a fan first and foremost.  He also goes on to talk about the various comic book runs and how he used them to his advantage on portraying Peter and Spidey.

The best part of these videos is when he talks about how excited he was to see the first (Sam Raimi) Spider-Man movie.  He was so excited that he bought a bootleg/pirated version of it.   Of course, the biggest rumor going around that everyone is asking about is when will Spider-Man make a cameo in Avengers?

The new trailer is out now (more on this on SSWL) and I was flabbergasted by it.  I literally had to pick up my jaw from the floor I loved it so much.  THIS is the Spider-Man I was expecting to see in the first movie.  A jokey, fun, and geek Parker/Spider-man.  Emma Watson and Andrew Garfield look great together and look like they will have great chemistry on screen.


February 9, 2012 No comments exist


I am not sure I can express, in words, how happy I am over this news. As anyone who listens to our podcast knows, I love Monkey Island as much as Rick loves him some Joss Whedon (Hi Rick!). With that said, Ron Gilbert created Monkey Island and Tim Schafer worked on the game, so you can imagine my delight upon hearing (well, reading) something like this. My eyes came across this late last night and I thought to myself that I probably should get some sleep just to be sure I am not hallucinating. Well, I woke up to find out that not only was I not hallucinating, but the project had come one step closer to fruition.

For those who are not aware, Tim Schafer of Double Fine announced a Kickstarter project yesterday where he asked for donations to fund a classic point-and-click style adventure, currently untitled and only known as “Double Fine Adventure.” As the video above details, Schafer and company requested donations of $300,000 towards the game development and an additional $100,000 for an accompanying documentary about the making of the game for a grand total of $400,000. Well, they not only reached their goal in a mere eight plus hours, but they also shattered Kickstarter records for most backers and funds raised in a 24 hour period. As I am writing this, the project has 26,000 backers and a total of $1,001,988 raised.

All additional money will continue to be put towards the game and documentary, thus making both even better with the extra financial support. As far as I’m concerned, we should keep supporting this and really stick it to all those publishers who have refused to back graphic adventures, citing that the genre was dead.

Lastly, for anyone who was wondering, I did not actually have a wet dream (or so I claim), but including it did make the title of this post far more interesting…or disgusting. You decide.

January 31, 2012 No comments exist


I just wanted to give a heads up to any and everyone that is interested in Starhawk  about some dates for the multi-player beta. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you are a lucky one and have been playing since January 17th. If you’re one of the few. . .million that purchased a new copy of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, like me, then you are able to jump in RIGHT NOW. Finally, if you’re part of the general public, then you are in on February 21st. So, now that you have all this information, whichever group you are a part of, download the beta, give them feedback, and enjoy the game. I know I am.