Author: Bryce H.

February 11, 2015 No comments exist

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We have returned and intend to be back far more frequently very soon. Until then, enjoy our latest episode. It was recorded with love, beer, and also on February 7 prior to attending a SoCal Pro show. So if it seems a bit dated, that’s why. Better to have us in your life than not at all though, right? That’s what we figured. Download, spread the word, and thanks for the support!

September 2, 2014 No comments exist


It’s the one before 140, which makes this episode not mean much in the grand scheme of things because 139 just isn’t as memorable of a number as 140. Not to mention, Mike didn’t join us (Rick, Bryce) this week and that only adds to how unexciting and forgettable this episode is. I blame the number 139 myself. If this were episode 140, Mike surely would have joined us, but I digress.

You should totally listen to this uninformative episode that consists primarily of reviews because the irresponsible hosts couldn’t keep up with the times due to their “lives” getting in the way. Jerks.

Seriously though – you should listen and provide feedback below. Thanks!