Author: Bryce H.

February 20, 2013 No comments exist


Loaded show this week with the Elimination Chamber taking place this past Sunday and starting to bring some things into focus for WrestleMania 29. Before we get into that though, Mike and Bryce go over an excellent episode of TNA Impact that was heavy on actual wrestling and light on storyline development. Also, there is a bit of discussion on the different looks of WWE Championships sprinkled throughout the show as well as a little too much talk about Samoa Joe’s choice of ring gear…yikes. Aside from that, you all pretty much know what to expect from us four weeks in now, but don’t get too comfortable because we will definitely flip the script from time to time.

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February 13, 2013 No comments exist

This week, we discuss Monday’s Raw at great length with a touch of both Impact and Smackdown added to the mix. Also, Mike talks about his experience attending the TV tapings for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Be sure to check them out at Do it. Do it NOW. Seriously.

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February 7, 2013 2 comments

On this episode we are joined by Francis, another wrestling buddy of ours. We talk about some of our favorite finishing moves covering everything from tag teams to what seemed the most “real” when we were kids. Also, we go over the past week’s happenings in both TNA and WWE. So check us out and enjoy three lifelong fans discuss their views on wrestling.

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October 23, 2012 No comments exist

What’s up party people and welcome to the show that almost didn’t happen. Bryce was not going to be available to record and Mike was fighting Laryngitis, but Bryce was able to record at the last minute. Now, enough of that behind the scenes poop. Let’s get down and dirty in episode eighty. Here’s what was covered:

News – The Amazing Spiderman 2 to gets a little Mary Jane
News – Jason Segel and Drew Pearce team up for  The Other F Word
Trailer – Flight
Trailer – Life of Pi

News – Nintendo investigating Foxconn after child labor admission
News – Lightbox layoffs and company refocus on smaller games (booooooo)
Trailer – Sleeping Dogs – Nightmare at North Point (DLC)
Review/Discussion – Walking Dead episode 3

August 28, 2012 No comments exist


So before Rick abandoned (more like escaped) us for Ryan (of the O’Leary variety) and flew all the way to New York, he virtually sat down with Bryce to record a review for his newly purchased Nexus 7. Bryce was there mostly because Rick wanted the company and because he enjoys talking to someone other than himself from time to time.

In all seriousness, Rick went to New York to help Ryan out with his upcoming film, The Backseat, and left the keys to the ever responsible Mike and the super dependable Bryce. Unfortunately, neither characteristic shined through this week because Mike and Bryce are the opposite of responsible and dependable. Actually, that is only half true since Mike was indeed responsible (watching the kids), but Bryce of course wasn’t dependable (couldn’t coordinate time to record). Needless to say, episode 074 of SSWL will consist solely of Rick’s Nexus 7 review. Luckily, the boys (minus Mike) rambled on for around 40 minutes, saving us from the embarrassment of not delivering a show for all of our loyal listeners. Without further ado, please enjoy this shortened (we like to call it “special”) edition of SSWL.