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March 13, 2013 No comments exist

Josh from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood joins us to talk about the life of William “Paul Bearer” Moody and together we celebrate the man’s contributions to the wrestling business. Hear some of our favorite childhood memories of the performer as well as some insight from Josh about the man behind the character. Also, lots of TNA talk with Lockdown in the books followed by some WWE discussion as we push forward to WrestleMania.

Please be sure to check out where you can read the extensive blog that he kept over the years and also for more information on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (TV Taping this Sunday, 3/17!).


March 6, 2013 No comments exist

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE SHOW: This show was recorded before learning of the untimely passing of William “Paul Bearer” Moody, thus why there is no mention of the tremendous loss the wrestling world was dealt today.

Supporter and friend of the show Dan Herman joins us all the way from the East Coast (via Skype) and tells us about some of his background as a wrestling fan. Also, we praise, question, and gripe about the latest both TNA and WWE had to offer over the past week.


February 27, 2013 No comments exist

On this week’s show, Mike and Bryce dissect the latest in the world of wrestling and talk about some of their personal favorite championship title designs and also some that they found rather offensive (that was how we described the ones we did not like for whatever reason). Whether it was the shape, the look of the plates on the leather strap, or association with childhood memories, many reasons were given for their choices, but perhaps none greater than Mike’s for the WWE Undisputed Championship and that was… The Undertaker and what might be the greatest wrestler entrance song of all time. Words cannot justify said song so please check it out in all of its glory in the provided video below and leave us some feedback in the comments section, on Twitter, or via email at Remember listeners, if nothing else, you can always depend on this show always kicking asshole’s ass.


February 26, 2013 No comments exist

It was a good day to die hard when we recorded #91 and to celebrate that fact, Rick gave us his thoughts on the newest entry into the Die Hard franchise which coincidentally enough is appropriately titled, A Good Day to Die Hard. That would do it for the movie portion of the show this week and while unfortunate that we did not have a food segment as we did on #90, we made up for it by talking about what a boring, dull, and uneventful week it was in the world of video games… AND the Playstation 4, which apparently is a new console from Sony Computer Entertainment. I suppose new console announcements are kind of a big deal, though I defy you to find one that takes place in a room filled with rich mahogany and contains many leather bound books. You will not succeed, so instead we are left with a conference full of demo videos and spec sheets like the ones we covered below in this week’s episode of SSWL.

PS4 Madness:

PS4 Controller Glamour Shots
– Official Sony Press Release on PS4 Specs
Knack Debut Trailer
Killzone 4: Shadowfall Gameplay Demo/Trailer/Awesomeness
Drive Club Demo/Trailer…Breathe in the experience!
Deep Down Debut Trailer
Infamous: Second Son Debut Trailer
Watch Dogs NEW Gameplay


February 20, 2013 No comments exist


Loaded show this week with the Elimination Chamber taking place this past Sunday and starting to bring some things into focus for WrestleMania 29. Before we get into that though, Mike and Bryce go over an excellent episode of TNA Impact that was heavy on actual wrestling and light on storyline development. Also, there is a bit of discussion on the different looks of WWE Championships sprinkled throughout the show as well as a little too much talk about Samoa Joe’s choice of ring gear…yikes. Aside from that, you all pretty much know what to expect from us four weeks in now, but don’t get too comfortable because we will definitely flip the script from time to time.

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