Author: Mike Masters

December 6, 2011 No comments exist

 This week, SSWL hits its 40s and hits them hard. Even though we were Bryce-less (boooooo), we still managed to cram a ton of news, notes, and reviews into you ear holes. Here is what we covered:

Trailer – I Melt with You

RICK – Heathers
MIKE – House of Fury

News – Mortal Kombat Komplete set for release
News – EA online passes expire
Review – On-Live streaming games service
Review – Need For Speed: The Run

Music this week is courtesy of Victor Made A Time Machine. The song is called “Raging Through the Night” and is off their album Victor Made A Time Machine. To purchase the song and the album click here

November 22, 2011 No comments exist

This is a case of a game company doing the online pass bonus right. If you purchased a NEW Saints Row: The Third for the PlayStation 3 you get a free digital copy of Saints Row 2, which I am currently downloading as I type this. Here is what you need to do to claim your free copy:

1. Purchase a NEW copy of Saints Row: The Third
2. Redeem your included “Online Pass” by Feb. 13th.
3. Locate Saints Row 2 in the PlayStation Store
4. Start downloading and enjoy

As far as I know this is for new purchases only and not if you buy the online pass from the PlayStation Store. Keep in mind you will need just over 7GB’s of free hard drive space, so it may be time to clear out some junk if you are hurting for the space. As someone who never played Saints Row 2, I am very excited to try it out as I love Saints Row: The Third so damn much.

November 22, 2011 No comments exist

Here we are face to face. . . Well, in your ears again with another episode of SSWL. This week, we talked about all the rad stuff that was important to us in the realm of movies, tech, and video games. So on this Thanksgiving week take some time to get away from the loud, crowded family room and listen to our show to help keep your sanity. I know I will. Here is what we covered:

News –New Arrested Development episodes coming to Netflix!!
News – Fandango starts mobile tickets
News – Scarlet Johansson to direct Summer Crossing an adaptation of Capotes lost novella
News – George Clooney and Noah Wyle are in a showdown to play Steve Jobs.
Trailer –Rampart

Bryce – Limitless 
Mike – Poolhall Junkies
Rick – Take Me Home Tonight

News – Intel’s newest chip called Knights Corner
News – Apple recalled first gen iPod nanos due to battery issues, people upset they are receiving same model

News – Co-writer of Pac-Man Fever passes away
News – Starhawk private beta launches Nov. 22
News – New Killzone in the works as well asnew IP from Guerrilla games
News – EA being sued for lack of Battlefield 1943
News – Telltale caught boosting scores on Metacritic
Trailer – Jurassic Park (behind the scenes)
Trailer – SSX
Review – Saints Row: The Third (MIKE and RICK)




November 15, 2011 No comments exist

With this being the 37th episode of SSWL, we couldn’t help ourselves and made a few Clerks references. Once we got that out of the way, we had a full show for you. It’s also important to mention that this show was LIVE and is something we plan on doing more of in the future. Here is what we covered this week:

**Please note for your added convenience the addition of time stamps for the main segments of the show, including reviews.**

MOVIES – (00:02.22)
News – Billy Crystal takes over hosting Oscars
News – Steve Jobs: Lost Interview
Trailer – Goon
Trailer – 21 Jump Street
Trailer – Snow White and the Huntsman
Review – Tower Heist (MIKE and BRYCE) – (00:45.31)

FLIX WE PIX – (00:52.04)
Rick – The Net
Bryce –Breaking Bad
Mike –Mr. Baseball

TECH – (01:05.00)
News – iOS 5.0.1 Update
News – Evolve Motorcycle
News – Some Shit We Like is now on iTunes (WOOT)

VIDEO GAMES – (01:17.41)
News – The Simpsons arcade classic coming to XBLA and PSN
Impressions – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Review – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – (01:52.13)

This week’s music is provided by The Loved Ones. The song is called “Jane” and is off the album Keep Your Heart. You can purchase the song and album here.

November 1, 2011 No comments exist

With Halloween now behind us, we thought we’d share a peak into what ours was like. Please enjoy the above picture of the SSWL crew all dressed up and enjoying some rather tasty libations. Big shout out to 205 Events for throwing an amazing party and @frostbight (the bartender) for getting us nice and lubricated. All that being said, here’s what we covered on the show this week:

News – New Joss Whedon flick (Rick is very excite)
News – Dark Night Rises IMAX preview Mission Impossible exclusive
News – Netflix subscriber count drops, but streaming numbers still high
News – Brad Bird looking for the right story to tell in Incredibles sequel
News – Eddie Murphy discusses being done with kids movies and more
Trailer – The Devil Inside
Review – Memphis Heat

RICK – The Others
MIKE – Fallen

BRYCE – Spaced

News – Metal Gear Solid HD release date
News – Netflix still thinking about renting video games
News – 63% of PS3 owners will buy PlayStation Vita
News – DC Universe Online going free to play
News – Luigi playable in Super Mario 3D Land
News – Final Wii U hardware to be shown at E3 2012
Review – Battlefield 3 (MIKE and RICK)
Review – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (RICK)

The music break this week is courtesy of Electric Valentine. The song is called “Body to Body” and is off the album The Fuse. Not only can you purchase this song on iTunes, but you can play this track on the Xbox Kinect game, Dance Central 2. Make sure you check out Electric Valentine’s Facebook and Twitter page to keep up with all they are up to.