Author: Mike Masters

July 3, 2012 No comments exist

On yet another Bryce-less episode of SSWL (we swear we didn’t kill him), Rick and Mike said what needed to be said and quite frankly a lot of those things had nothing to do with this week’s topics. It’s so much fun when we go off the rails and we hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we had recording it. Here is what we covered:

News – Edgar Wright shoots Ant-Man test footage
News – Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy shooting sequel to Before Sunset (Rick is not happy)
Trailer – For a Good Time, Call. . . (Red Band trailer)
Review –  Ted (Rick)

Rick – Rescue Me
Mike –MythBusters

News – PSN Summer Sale kicks off this week (July 3rd)
News – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developers want to reboot Contra series next
News – Quantum Conundrum getting a game show on the web (NOTE: Episode 1 out now &  it’s not a game show)
News – Last of Us to have multi-player, “not co-op” says Naughty Dog
News – Criterion Games take over as lead developer of the Need for Speed franchise

June 25, 2012 No comments exist

This week Rick and Mike hold down the fort for the absent Bryce (this will go down on his permanent record) with a fully packed show. So sit back and let us please you aurally with all the things that mattered to us this week. Here is what we covered:

News – Thunder Road Pictures and Casey Affleck team up for picture about Josh Hamilton
News – Batman pushes Bourne. . .Bourne sits in the corner an extra week
News – Supreme court throws out fines for cursing and nudity on TV
Trailer – Taken 2 

Mike – Married With Children
Rick – Dawson’s Creek 

News – Quantum Conundrum release date nailed down
News – Curt Schilling financial tapped out after 38 Studios closure
News – Xbox Live Summer of Arcade dates, games, and prices confirmed
News – Nintendo news round up
News – Saints Row: The Third standalone expansion canceled, resources going toward sequel

June 19, 2012 No comments exist

This week on the show, Bryce and Mike fly by the seat of their pants with a very, very loose format. We hope you enjoy our ramblings and here is what I could scrounge together for story links:

Trailer – Resident Evil: Retribution
Trailer – The Possession
Review –  Snow White and the Huntsman

Bryce – Thor
Mike – Hey Arnold!

Demo – Dirt Showdown
Demo – Dragon’s Dogma
Demo – Resistance: Burning Skies
Demo – Gravity Rush
Review – Max Payne 3
Early Impressions – Forza 4
Early Impressions – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
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June 12, 2012 1 comment

This week it’s all about video games. With E3 happening last week there was a ton of awesome stuff to come out. Though we were not able to attend the show in person, it felt like we were there in spirit thanks to great outlets such as Giant Bomb, The Totally Rad Show, Gamespot, and Shack News. So sit back and listen to the sexy sounds of our voices as we gush over what we liked most coming out of E3.

Trailer – South Park: The Stick Of Truth
Trailer – DmC (Devil May Cry)
Trailer – Halo 4
Trailer – LEGO City: Undercover
Trailer – Beyond: Two Souls
Trailer – Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Interview wiht Matt Webster
Demo – Forza: Horizon
Demo – Watch Dogs
Demo – The Last of Us
Random Notes – Assassin’s Creed 3, Assassins Creed: Liberation, Sony All-Stars Battle Royale, Nintendo/Wii-U

May 29, 2012 No comments exist

On a Rick-less episode of SSWL, Bryce and Mike hold down the fort with this fully loaded edition of the show. Rick provided some (in Rick voice) mooooovie neewwwws (end Rick voice) and the guys hope they do him justice. On top of that there are three movie reviews, one video game review, and a whole bunch of nonsense we hope you all enjoy. Here is what we covered:

News – Bradley Cooper developing American Sniper, based on the life of a real Navy SEAL sniper
News – Hunger Games adopting Twilight style of naming sequels
News – Seth MacFarlane’s Ted moved up to the now vacant G.I. Joe: Retaliation slot
Review – Tell (short film by @ryan_connolly)
Review – Men In Black III
Review – Dark Shadows

Bryce – WWE: Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time
Mike – Bad News Bears 

News – Dead Island getting “Game of the Year” edition
News – Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD soundtrack nailed down 
News – Ron Gilbert, Double Fine, and Sega bring you The Cave. . .Bryce creams himself and then adds it to everyone’s coffee
News – Let’s Hurry Up and Wait: A list of games delayed till 2013
News – 38 Studios lays off entire staff, headed for dark days
Backlog Review – Syndicate