About Us

About Us: The SSWL Network is a media hub for everything movies, video games, technology, music and more. We NOW have four podcasts and plan on expanding with more in the future. We review and discuss anything that we see fit and give it to you straight, without the bullshit. Whether it is some shit we like or some that we don’t, if it gets a rise out of us you will hear about it on our podcasts or on this website.

Our rating system is simple. For movies, we recommend whether you should see it in theaters, rent it, or don’t waste your time. Video games is more or less the same deal except it goes like this: play/buy it, rent it…etc.

Advertising: Want us to promote something on the site or the podcast? Send us an e-mail and help us help you.

Contact: Any question? News tips? Comments?  Concerns? Favorite pie?  Either way we want to hear from you. Shoot us an email fans@someshitwelike.com or send us a tweet, @SomeShitWeLike