Movie: Fairfield

June 20, 2013 No comments exist


I’m not a fan of zombies. Well real ones at least. Zombie movies on the other hand, I usually enjoy them. (Yes, I even enjoyed Warm Bodies.) Fairfield stars Chris Riggi (Gossip Girl) and Chris Bellant (The Backseat) and is written by Isaac Loftus & Julian Singleton. I haven’t seen Riggi inĀ Gossip Girl (yet) but I have seen Bellant act in person and on camera and I can’t wait to see him in this zombie movie. Be sure to show them some love on their Kickstarter.

“When a mysterious illness suddenly spreads through the town, Gabriel Cooper finds himself fighting for his life. After seeking refuge in the local high school, he’s united with a group of teenagers who are hiding in the school. Together, they must face the gravest of teenage dilemmas: sex, parents, friends, and zombies.

Bellant will also be in the movie Black Sky directed by Steven Quale who directed Final Destination 5. Which I actually enjoyed. Be sure to like Fairfield on Facebook.