SSWL 094

March 26, 2013 No comments exist

With all of us together at the super secret compound/studio, we had some booze as well as some awesome conversation regarding some cool shit. Here is what we covered:

News – Our thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy  S4

News – Veronica Mars set to go into production
Trailer – Kick-Ass 2
Trailer – Now You See Me
Review – Evil Dead
Review – Oz the Great and Powerful

News – Rock Band DLC comes to an end with the most fitting song
News – DuckTales Remasterd announced (trailer included)
News – Saints Row IV not just a re-worked Enter the Dominatrix
News – GiantBomb’s awesome interview with Ken Levine about Bioshock: Infinite
Impressions – Rick finally talks about his time with the Wii U and Zombie U