The Wrestling Buddies 002

February 7, 2013 2 comments

On this episode we are joined by Francis, another wrestling buddy of ours. We talk about some of our favorite finishing moves covering everything from tag teams to what seemed the most “real” when we were kids. Also, we go over the past week’s happenings in both TNA and WWE. So check us out and enjoy three lifelong fans discuss their views on wrestling.

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Another great episode and thanks for the added TNA coverage. I’d also have to say my favorite finisher was the perfect plex. Curt always made it look so good and smooth. I’m a huge Edge fan as well and the even flow DDT he did is another one of my favorites. But in all reality, it’s how the other wrestler sold the finisher that makes them what they are. Also, I remember my first LOD match and when they performed the doomsday device, I actually looked at my dad and asked if they killed that guy. I hate to burst your guys bubble, but the shield vs cena, ryback, and Sheamus is only scheduled as a 6-man tag match right now, I would love to see it in the chamber war games style. Anyways, good work again, thanks for the shout out also…