SSWL 091

February 26, 2013 No comments exist

It was a good day to die hard when we recorded #91 and to celebrate that fact, Rick gave us his thoughts on the newest entry into the Die Hard franchise which coincidentally enough is appropriately titled, A Good Day to Die Hard. That would do it for the movie portion of the show this week and while unfortunate that we did not have a food segment as we did on #90, we made up for it by talking about what a boring, dull, and uneventful week it was in the world of video games… AND the Playstation 4, which apparently is a new console from Sony Computer Entertainment. I suppose new console announcements are kind of a big deal, though I defy you to find one that takes place in a room filled with rich mahogany and contains many leather bound books. You will not succeed, so instead we are left with a conference full of demo videos and spec sheets like the ones we covered below in this week’s episode of SSWL.

PS4 Madness:

PS4 Controller Glamour Shots
– Official Sony Press Release on PS4 Specs
Knack Debut Trailer
Killzone 4: Shadowfall Gameplay Demo/Trailer/Awesomeness
Drive Club Demo/Trailer…Breathe in the experience!
Deep Down Debut Trailer
Infamous: Second Son Debut Trailer
Watch Dogs NEW Gameplay