SSWL 090

February 19, 2013 No comments exist

. . .And they said it wouldn’t last. Not really. Only Rick said that. Yet here we are two years later kicking ass, taking names, and talking about some shit we like. We hope you all enjoy this show as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you over these last two years. Here is what we covered this week:

News – Hulu has Criterion Collection for free
News – The Rock will not be playing Lobo after all
News – In-depth look at Oscar nominated animated shorts
Mini Review – Warm Bodies (Mike)
Mini Review – Beautiful Creatures (Bryce)

Rick – House Of Cards
Bryce – American Horror Story
Mike – The Longest Yard

News- GRID 2 news bits (I forgot to mention that there is a video. . .actually it’s only a video)
News – Playstation retrospective video (PS2 and PS3 retrospectives are now out there as well)
News – MLB 13 fact sheet
News – Strange Sony patent
News – Criterion says what needed to be said
News – Bungie reveals Destiny (high pitched girly scream. . .also video)