Best Of 2012 List: Francis Sky

January 7, 2013 No comments exist

Here is a best of 2012 list from friend of the show Francis Sky.  So read, enjoy, and leave some feedback because after all these lists are not supposed to end the conversations, but meant to start them. Now on to the list:






1. Avengers– This was probably the most fun I had at the movies in a while.  Marvel managed to put some of its top characters in the same movie without over saturating the content.  Director Joss Whedon managed to make a comic film that both does not insult old fans and does not punish the new ones.  All the characters were given equal time to shine and the final battle in New York was a wonder to behold in 3D.





2. Frankenweenie– Frankenweenie felt like a return to form for Tim Burton.  Combining elements of classic horror with a morbid sense of humor, the film felt like something in the vein of earlier works like Beetlejuice.  The emotional buttons were also pushed, because who can’t sympathize with losing a pet?  Unfortunate timing (coming after Paranorman and Hotel Transylvania) really hurt its box office, but hopefully it can find a bigger audience on DVD/Blu-ray.

3. Wreck It Ralph–  This was another movie that was just fun, fun, fun.  The video game based adventure brought back a lot of retro memories for many and the creators really did their homework on video games (be on the lookout for easter eggs galore).  Combine that with a engrossing story and you have a recipe for something that will continue to find an audience.

4. Django Unchained– Django managed to slip into my list at the end of the year.  Quentin Tarantino’s take on the western was an intense and blood soaked outing.  Christoph Waltz puts in another great performance as the bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz.  Even with a run time of 165 minutes, it felt like I just got to the theater when it was over.

5. Dredd (3D)– This one falls under the, as Mike would say, “better than it had any right to be” category.  This gritty re-introduction of the comic book character took a way different tone than the more mainstream version starring Sylverster Stallone.  With some great action, gore, and dry wit; it was a movie that many Judge Dredd fans were waiting for (and the helmet never comes off).


For video games, unfortunately I don’t have a top 5.  I have a top one, and that one would be Borderlands 2.  Here was a game that I could not stop playing once I picked up the controller.  Borderlands 2 had a steady combination of humor, great graphics, easy to use controls, and tons of action. Also, if there is a real life Maya out there, contact the SSWL staff and they can get you my email and number to pass along to her.