SSWL 081

October 30, 2012 No comments exist

Back in the saddle again. . . BAAAAACK!

I hope you all recognized that Aerosmith reference and now hear the sweet sweet sounds of Steven Tyler’s voice in your head. Now, what I mean by back in the saddle is that after a week of no Mike and the fate of the show coming down to the last minute, WE ARE ALL HERE AGAIN! If you’re wondering what the trio of terror talked about this week, here are some links so you at home can follow along:

Trailer – Evil Dead (RED BAND TRAILER)
Trailer – Iron Man 3

Mike – Creepshow and Creepshow 2
Bryce – Indie Game: The Movie
Rick – Hellboy

News – Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation developer diary
News – Need For Speed: Most Wanted for Vita developed in house, basically the same as console games
News – Attack of the Show and X-Play canceled
Randomness – PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and more Borderlands 2 Talk