Summer Finale for Burn Notice Tonight

August 23, 2012 No comments exist

Burn Notice

 Well, its that time again for all the burn notice fans to sit and wait for the winter season to start. I do not like the fact that USA splits on season into two mini season. Anyway, I digress from that. This year’s summer season has been a power packed season. (Spoiler Alert) You should have already seen some of the episodes, but the loss of Nate has a big impact on the group. The fact that Michael’s mom isn’t speaking to him, really changes his focus on the jobs. Its great to see another layer of Michael Weston, we see his softer side and not the typical clam and collected Michael Westen.

The capture and death of Anson was one of the peaks of this summer season, but the highlight of this season was the death of Nate. This was a big surprise in the season. As talked about on TV’s Now on, Rick and I talked how it would have been a bigger surprise if one of the main characters where to die. Some one like Michael’s mother or Fi.

Also the fact that CIA agent Pearce was transferred to Mumbai for helping Michael in search of finding Nate’s killer. Hopefully she will make an appearance in the following seasons of burn notice.

I’m sad to see the summer season ending and I can’t wait for the winter season to start. I wonder how this season is going to end? What new twists will the new season have? Watch the summer season finale tonight  on the USA network at 9 ET/PT.