SSWL 070

August 1, 2012 No comments exist

Here it is, a groove slightly transformed…well, not really. But it is another week and that means a new rant filled ramble-fest of a show that we like to call Some Shit We Like. Here is what we covered in episode 70:

Trailer – Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
Short Film – Dirty Laundry
News – A new Friday is in development and everyone is coming back…AND YOU KNOW THIS, MAN

Bryce – Born To Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story
Rick – Captain America: The First Avenger
Mike – The Karate Kid and The Bad News Bears (Original now on Netflix)

News – Grand Theft Auto III out on the PSN as a PS2 classic this week for $10
News – Sleeping Dogs developer walkthrough and dig deeper with’s quick look
News – Hideo Kojima to showcase Fox Engine on Aug. 30th.
News – Gaming documentary Critical Path looks very interesting and here’s the trailer