SSWL 053

March 20, 2012 No comments exist

With his arch nemesis ET finally getting the job done and succeeding in taking him out, Bryce was not on the show this week (sad face). But have no fear cause, as mentioned on this week’s show, Rick and I have discovered one of Bryce’s deepest, darkest secrets regarding his lineage. We believe this discovery has provided us a solution, allowing Bryce to be back in full force next week. Now that that bit of business is out of the way let’s get down to brass tacks and let you know what we covered on this 53rd edition of SSWL:

Panel Experience – Sound of my Voice
Panel Experience – Prometheus
Panel Experience – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Panel Experience – Battleship
Panel Experience – Lockout 
Panel Experience – Snow White and the Huntsman
Panel Experience – Resident Evil: Retribution
Panel Experience – Loopers
Panel Experience – The Amazing Spider-Man 

News – Homeless being used as hot spots at SXSW
News – iOS 5 showing 4g data on devices
News – Kevin Rose and Milk join google 

News – NEO-GEO handheld is real and here are the details
News – Ratchet and Clank HD coming to North America this fall
News – More Tony Hawk HD details w/ a video interview with Hawk
News – Giant Bomb acquired by CBS Interactive announcement and The whole story behind Jeff Gerstmann’s dismissal from Gamespot in ’07

Footage of the panels I was at can be seen soon, at “The Fan To See” Web Show. You can also find them on Twitter @TheFanToSee Also Don’t forget to check out Flash Flood Media and ShotGaming for interviews and more.