SSWL 046

January 31, 2012 No comments exist

On SSWL this week, Rick threw a curveball at us and decided to not really have a format for the movies section. We took a swing at it and hit a solid stand-up triple in my opinion. . .maybe a home run. You be the judge and let us know. After that we had two movie reviews, Flix We Pix, and video game news. All in all, it was a blast and we might have to be a little more free wheelin’ in future episodes.

News – Oscar nominees
Review – Haywire
Review – Underworld: Awakening

Rick – Billy Madison
Mike – Strange Brew
Bryce – Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

News – Netflix drops plans to offer video games
News – Lots of Nintendo news, including some Wii U details
News – Capcom drops Resident Evil: Revelations price by $10
News – SNK bringing Neo-Ge0 back as a handheld device