SSWL 033

October 18, 2011 No comments exist

On this week’s episode of SSWL, we went live (and a little long) for the very first time. It was an interesting experiment that I’m sure we will play with again in the future. We were also joined by the co-host of TV’s Now On, Michael PG. So without further adieu, here is what we covered on this jam packed show:

News – Attack the Block may get TV series, sequel, and American remake
News – Dan Trachtenberg set to direct feature film
Trailer – The Avengers
Trailer – American Reunion (Teaser/RED BAND)
Review – Voltron: The End
Review – Real Steel (RICK & MIKE)

RICK – Surviving the Cut
MIKE – The Mask and Gunslinger Girl
BRYCE –  Deep Blue Sea

News – Windows 7 is now the PC OS of choice
News – Siri ported to iPhone 4
Early Impressions – iOS 5 (RICK)

News – Deus Ex DLC price and date
News – Daytona USA coming to PSN and XBLA
News – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will include Starhawk beta code
News – Uncharted Dev against single player DLC
News – Silent Hill HD collection drama
Early Impressions – Dark Souls (MIKE)

Music this weeks music was provided by Hey Aviator. The song is called “Break My Back”.  Their music can be found on iTunes. Be sure to follow them on twitter @HeyAviator and like them  on Facebook.