The Season 4 Premiere of S.O.A

September 7, 2011 No comments exist

Sons of Anarchy Image

For those who are not in the know, S.O.A stands for Sons of Anarchy on the FX Channel. The end of Season 3 found Jax (Charlie Hunnam), Clay (Ron Perlman) and several other club members heading to prison to serve their plea deal sentence. A lot can change in 14 months. And for the members of the motorcycle club, he time that has passed between seasons may spell the end of SAMCRO forever. “Jax has had a lot of time to think about the last three years of his life,” said creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter .  Minor Spoilers ahead.

Without spoiling too much, Sutter says the plan is basically to ensure that Jax and his Old Lady, Tara (Maggie Siff), are able to escape Charming and give their newly expanded family a shot at a non-outlaw future. That effort will be complicated by the fact that Tara has a pile of letters written by Jax’s father that could implicate Clay and Jax’s mother, Gemma (Katey Sagal), in the death of Jax’s father.

Unlike seasons past, however, Clay’s decisions won’t be overlooked by local law enforcement. With former sheriff Unser (Datyon Callie) now sidelined with his cancer, SAMCRO must learn to maneuver around Charming’s new lawman, Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar). But Sutter hints that the new sheriff might not be as uncompromising as he first seems.

“[He] knows that gangs aren’t going away, that they’re a product of this society and that you ultimately have to figure out how to live with these guys,” Sutter says. “The truth is that all these clubs have to figure out how to carve out the relationship with law enforcement so they’re not killing each other and innocents don’t get caught in the crossfire.” And crossfire there will be, which Sutter says may ultimately ruin Jax’s plans.