SSWL 029

September 19, 2011 No comments exist

With Rick away on assignment, the inmates have been left to run the asylum. Despite being a man down, we still have a full on jam-packed show for you this week. Here is what we covered on episode 29 of SSWL:

News – Fred Savage to pull double duty on ABC’s Happy Endings
News – No Ash in Evil Dead remake
News – WWE Studios acquires The Day
News – Clever ad campaign for The Sitter
Trailer – The Sitter
Trailer – Premium Rush
Summer Wrap Up – We cover some of the summer’s highest grossing movies and how the numbers shake out

BRYCE – The Buried Life

News – More MGS HD features confirmed
News – PS Vita dated for japan and ports announced
News – Uncharted: Golden Abyss TGS demo (video included)
News – PS Vita battery life and how it stacks up
News – Details on Katamari Damacy for the PlayStation Vita (video)
Trailer – DmC (Devil May Cry)
Trailer – Starhawk
Review – Shadows of the Damned
Review – Driver: San Francisco

The music break this week is by The Messies. The song is called “Super Sexy” and is off the album Life Gets Meaner. Even though the band is no longer around, the album can be purchased here.