Print your own blood vessels, no need for red toner

September 21, 2011 No comments exist

Print Blood Vessels

By of Engadget
SOURCE: Fraunhofer

I was reading this and I thought it was an interesting idea on rebuilding the human body.

Barely 24 hours after we told you about printing your own bones, the franken-science continues with the announcement that blood vessels are next on the body-parts-you-can-print list. Unsurprisingly, you’ll need more than just regular toner if you want to start printing your own at home, but pioneering work by application-oriented research organization Fraunhofer has claimed to have cracked it by adding some good old ‘two-photon polymerization’ into the mix — yeah, obvious once you know. The added photon special sauce is what makes the printed synthetic tubes biofunctionalized, which in turn enables living body cells to dock onto them — we’re guessing that’s important. Sounds cute, but how long until we can start printing whole people — Weird Science, anyone?