SSWL 026

August 23, 2011 No comments exist

This episode puts us at the halfway point to a year’s worth of SSWL. We hope you all enjoy the show and the site as much as we enjoy recording and posting. Now with all that semi-mushy junk out of the way, we are packed to the brim on episode 026. Here is what we covered:

News – New Toy Story Toon Coming
News – Full Length movie of Frankenweenie
News – Pixar Announces a Dinosaur Movie
Trailer – Beyond The Game: The EVO
Review – 50/50
Review – Red State

Rick – Palo Alto, CA
Bryce – Home Movies
Mike – Killer Klowns from Outer Space

News – Blizzard is “very serious” about bringing Diablo 3 to consoles
News – NFL Sunday Ticket coming to PS3
News – Portal 2 “summer” DLC still on the way
News – Verify you nintendo ambassadorship with eligibility checker
News – Silent Hill HD collection also coming to XBOX 360
News – PS3 price drop, now $249
News – Sony announces new PSP
News – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has a launch date

The music break this week is by Drist. The song is called “Decontrol” and is off the album Orchids & Ammunition. As we said on the show they are no longer together, but their music is still available for purchase on iTunes.