SSWL 024

August 8, 2011 No comments exist

In this shocking episode of SSWL, we all admit to watching and enjoying Spice World. Also, Bryce is back, so we are once again at full strength. Here’s what we ranted and raved about this week:

News – James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, and Allen Cumming set for Irvine Welsh film, Filth
News – Monsters 2 not being directed by Gareth Edwards
News – MadMen could be why Walking Dead show runner hit the bricks
Rick News – Rick saw 50/50 and talks a little about it and the screening experience
Review – Crazy Stupid Love (RICK)
Review – Cowboys & Aliens (RICK and MIKE)

BRYCE – Let Me In
RICK – Winter’s Bone
MIKE – The Money Pit

News – PlayStation Vita launch pushed to¬†“early 2012”
News – Twisted Metal delayed till “early 2012”
News – Borderlands 2 is official (WOOT)
News – HBO GO coming to game consoles
News – Nolan North is the voice of the Penguin in Batman: Arkham City
News – Sony launches PlayStation Play
Review – Call of Juareez: The Cartel
Review – Dirt 3
Random Notes – Back to the Future: The Game (Mike’s final thoughts), Abobo’s Big Adventure, It Belongs In An Ancient Ruin

The music break this week is courtesy of Chris Barron, lead singer of Spin Doctors. The song is called “Phony” and is off the album Songs from the Summer of Sangria. This song, as well as all of Chris Barron’s music, can be purchased here. Be sure to check out his official website and Facebook page.