SSWL 014

May 24, 2011 No comments exist

Some S**t We Like 014

Another week and another edition of Some S**t We Like. We have a super packed show for you to stick in your ear-holes. so sit back, relax, and check out what we covered on episode 14.

News – The Dark Knight Rises Photo of Bain and Set photos
News – Super 8 Poster
News – Transformers: Dark of the Moon moved to June 29th
News – Pictures of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from the Hunger Games
Trailers – The Silent House (La Casa Muda)
Trailers – Immortals
Trailers – Another Earth
Trailers – Cars 2

MIKE – Empire Records and Cool As Ice
BRYCE – Jerry Maguire
RICK – Little Big League

News – Sony announces welcome back plan
News – PlayStation store back this week. . .maybe
News – Rockstar blames Sony for L.A. Noire freezing. . .then takes it back
News – No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise hits August 16th.
Review – Review – Killzone 3 (MIKE and BRYCE)
Review – Review – L.A. Noire (RICK)

This week’s music break is by The Ergs!. The song is called “Vampire Party” and is off the album Dorkrockcorkrod which can be purchased on iTunes. Be sure to check them out on their Facebook page and official website.