SSWL 007

April 5, 2011 No comments exist

Some S**t We Like 007

This week we got right into it with our thoughts on the trailers for the Hangover 2 and Everything Must Go. Rick hit us with his review of Sucker Punch. In our new segment “Some S–t On Netflix” we all gave some recommendations on some instant streaming movies to check out.
Rick’s Pick(s) Game Box 1.0
Mike’s Pick(s) SLC Punk and WWE: the John Cena Experience
Bryce’s Pick(s) Chloe and WWE: the True Story of Wrestlemania
After the break Bryce gave a review of the brand spankin’ new Nintendo 3DS. Mike talked a little about Homefront. To end the video game segment Mike went over some new digital releases on the PSN.

The music break this week comes courtesy of our good friends Plastic Parachute, the song is called “Four Alarm Fire” and if off the album Elephants & Giraffes